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Saturday, 16 February 2013 22:22

Environmentally Shipbreaking in Denmark

The people from H J Hansen demolition, Denmark are very busy with the ship breaking of the 3 former corvettes from the danish navy. The vessels were towed into the big drydock at the former Maersk Yard Lindoe in Munkebo, Denmark. Just after the arrivel, 3 teams were started the scrapping of the vessels.

This is a very efficient and environmentally friendly way to perform shipbreaking in Europe.By scrapping the vessels directly in the dock, avoiding contamination of the environment in the area. All the waste materials can be recovered and re-used.

H J Hansen are working very hardly to get in the shipbreaking business. The company are mostly known for the demolition of buildings in the scandinavian area. But when the Maersk Group left the Lindoe Yard, the H J Hansen saw new oppertunities in the new business. The ship breaking is a very fast growing business inside the EU and we think, sonn there will be old oilrigs from the north sea heading through the kattegat to the Lindoe yard for scrapping.

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