Explosion proof video monitor

Explosion proof video monitor

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We have 2 psc. new IVID100CCFE4 for sales.

iVID100 Explosion Proof Video Monitor


II 2 GD Ex d IIB+H2 T5 (Tmax 100 degC)
0ºC to +40ºC

The iVID100 unit consists of a 12.1 TFT LCD display mounted inside an Ex d enclosure with a glass viewing window.

The unit can be connected to various types of video input signals including the iCAM100 video camera & also other types of CCTV cameras.

A 24VDC power output is available to power the iCAM100 camera or alternative types of equipment including other manufacturers CCTV cameras.

Further video options are available on request including external push buttons for pan, tilt & zoom, video multiplexing, full/quad screen functions.
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